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This will eventually be the main page for links to photos, videos, and other multimedia depicting the sculpture and artists of Art City.
Please check back often for new additions


The Public Television Show "Visiting...With Huell Howser" is now available.
Many thanks to Huell for permission to stream this Art City episode, originally aired on KCET in 2004. To order a DVD of show #1202 please click here.

This show, and the Donna Granata Slide Show below only work at this time as a streaming "Quicktime Movie", so you may need to download the software here. You will also have to download the Adobe Flash Player, if you do not have it now (download here), both of these are necessary to play these movies.
These movies are large files, so depending on your Internet connection the time for downloading will vary. If you have dial-up, then you may not be able to see these (sorry).

When the movie starts check to see that the 2 standing bars in the lower left corner (or middle) are showing. The bars represent the pause button, which you can click on if you want to pause the show. If you see an arrow appear from time to time instead of the 2 bars, you must click on it to continue the movie.
All movies should start within 30 seconds if you have a high speed connection.

"Visiting...With Huell Howser"
(medium file, 571 MG, 28:00 minutes)


The Donna Granata slide show presentation of Art City, done in 1995 is also available now.
Many thanks to Donna Granata and everyone involved for giving us permission to use this show.
The volume is low on this, so turn your volume up.

"The World Of Art City"
(large file,1 GB, 17:00 minutes)

"The World Of Art City"
(small file, 37 MG, 17:00


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